Jane Addams to Alice Thacher Post, December 23, 1918


December 23d, 1918

My dear Mrs. Post:

Enclosed please find copies of two letters which show which way the wind blows. The latter was received by Mrs. Hull, of Swarthmore, who has sent an excellent reply. We did not telegraph you of your election as one of the Committee of Five but I think have already written twice. I am sending my signature on several copies of blank blue paper. Will you fill in what is considered in Washington the proper certification above my name and then send it on to Mrs. Mead.

In your letter received this morning you ask how the five American members voted. The vote was asked only from the members of the International Committee of Ten of which Miss Macmillan was one. The National Sections were asked for an expression of opinion. I will bring such correspondence with me when I come; perhaps we can codify it.

In regard to the vacancy caused by Mrs. Kelley’s resignation I thought I had explained that Miss Hamilton had declined absolutely to be one of the Five. It seemed to me, therefore, that we must consider Mrs. Kelley still as a member until we had filled her place with a substitute. It is, of course, barely possible that she might reconsider if the Congress were held later. The record of the vote should not have been taken from the Minutes. It was done from something I said to Mrs. Karsten about Miss Hamilton being quite out of the question as a substitute for Mrs. Kelley.

With Christmas greetings to Mr. Post and yourself, I am,

Affectionately yours,