Jane Addams to Alice Thacher Post, December 13, 1918


December 13th, 1918

My dear Mrs. Post:

Your letter of the tenth has just been received and I am sending a copy of my reply to Miss Balch. I am asking the "five" to vote on your name as a substitute for Mrs. Andrews in the Committee of Five. She, as you know, has resigned because she is going to Paris in an educational capacity.

I think as soon as we have the returned vote, which I will telegraph to you, that you ought to try to get your passport. I am sure that, as the wife of an Assistant Secretary, you would not be refused.

Could you see Judge Siddons and ask him what he thought in regard to my getting a passport. Of course, Mr. Call has hardly been a "pacifist" since the war began. I am a member of the American Peace Society Board and if they were willing to push a little, that might help.

I am awfully eager that at least five women should be in Paris during the Peace Conference and, of course, I would like nothing better than to get over there as quickly as possible.

I called as well as wrote to Dr. Jacobs and to all the other members of the International Board, so that it may not be long until we hear from them, at least as to choice, 1, 2, or 3. I would be awfully grateful if you would test out the matter of time on the passport question and I do hope Mrs. Terrell can go. I think we even might get some money towards her expenses as a separate fund. Always devotedly yours,

Jane Addams [signed]