Viola Marple to Jane Addams, December 7, 1918

212 Hillside Ave.
Glen Ridge, N.J.,
Dec. 7, 1918.
Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, Chicago.

Dear Madam,

I wish to find a Peace Organization that will work untiringly through thick and thin until the world is forever freed from the horrible curse of war, just as the Anti-Saloon League works against liquor. If possible, I want a peace organization that has not been false to its principles by calling this war with Germany a holy, just war, simply because our beloved country was in it. Right is above and beyond [any] and all countries, and my God is a God of Peace not a God of War. I think [page 2] the devil reigns supreme over that institution. Of course, I know any Peace Party had to keep quiet while this war was in progress -- another reason why war is wrong. Truth should not be afraid of criticism. I want to identify myself with any such Peace Organization during my life time and leave half my fortune to it at my death. I want to rewrite my will in a few weeks. I am told the [Woman's] Peace Party, of which you are head, meets my requirements. Please let me know.

Truly yours,

Viola Marple.

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