William Miller to Jane Addams, December 6, 1918


La Marche France


Dec 6 1918

Miss [Addams]: --

I am very sorry I did not write to you sooner.

I was thinking what was the first thing I would do when I came back to America. Well I said I would join the Hull House Boys Club and gymnasium because I can still join some good social club and enjoy myself at the Bowen Hall monthly dances given by the Hull House Women's Club. I am in [page 2] the 103 engineers 28th division a fighting red division which there are only eight. If it were not for the Hull House gymnasium I could have not stand the hardships I have went [through.] We have [slept] in every thing but an [airplane]. In our last drive at the Argonne [Forest] we were building a bridge for 36 hours [without] any sleep. Our division has been in every front which the Americans have in on the western front. We were in the [center] of the [Chouteau] Thierry drive, also a volunteer [page 3] division in the Argonne [Forest] drive and at present we are in the St Michel front 20 [kilometers] from Metz 12½ miles.

I don't suppose you know who I am. Well we lived on Hope St. for six years and some how or another my father had the [misfortune] of always being out of work due to his age but now things have changed since the war has started and he has a good job with gas company in [page 4] Chicago and is enjoying prosperity. My brother and two sisters are working. I am very glad to say they that is my sisters have learned to operate a typewriter at Hull House and now have good positions.

Well we have not much time to write during the day because the days are short when we are through supper it is very dark and the German candle I have here is burning out. You will find a German postal card enclosed in this letter.

Your Friend

William Miller
Co. [K.?] 103 Engineers
Amer. P.O. 744.