Lucia Ames Mead to Jane Addams, February 12, 1918

19, Euston St. Brookline,
Feb. 12, 1918

My dear Miss Addams,

I enclose a copy of a letter from Miss Eastman minus one sentence and am sending a duplicate to Mrs. Williams as I thought she ought to know at first hand just what Miss Eastman thinks.

I have had no reply from Miss Balch to my request for a report of the proceedings, but I have a letter from Miss Burritt, very much more able and calm than Mrs. Percy's letter and after Mrs. Williams has read it I will have it sent to you.

I suggest that you send the whole correspondence which I sent to you last week together with the enclosed copy and Miss Burritt's letter to Mrs. Spencer and ask her to send it to Mrs. Post.

I think we must carefully go over the whole ground and then make some decision at our next board meeting.

The next meeting of the Minimum Program committee will be on the 28th of February. If you are coming on for that, could we have [another] Board meeting?

I am inclined to think that we are moving toward a peace settlement with Austria. The President's last message seems to indicate that he is putting in a wedge.

Has Mrs. Karsten sent out the circular letter to the 35 asking whether they are to be counted on to go to the After-The-War Congress?

I have had no acceptance from Mrs. Slayden for our Legislative Committee. At last accounts, Mrs. Post was ill with grippe.

I enclose a letter of mine to the Herald, which please return.

With kindest regards,

↑Yours faithfully↓

Lucia Ames Mead. [signed]