Anonymous to Jane Addams, November 18, 1918 (fragment)


[Minneapolis] -- Nov, 18-18-

My dear Miss [Addams]: --

We most earnestly hope that you will respond to the faith put in you.

"Starve them into submission" is a very familiar expression in English History. It certainly has been well put into execution in Ireland [page 2] and India and upper Egypt, not to mention the horrors of the rubber fields of South-America; and in South Africa the monument recently unveiled was erected in the memory of the "Women and Children" [starved] in the British concentration camp.

"If Germany were exterminated today every Englishman would be richer tomorrow." Saturday Review-London

"Common humanity & common sense alike compel the feeding of Germany" London Times [page 3]

"the deliberate [starving] of Germany would be nothing but a stupid crime and stamp the brand of hypocrisy on all the allied professions." Daily News -- London.

London -- "It is admitted by newspapers of all shades of political opinion that Germany must be [fed], if only as a business proposition, inasmuch as if she starved to death she could not pay what she owes," starvation seems to be the keynote of the British Government.

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