Jane Addams to Myra Harriet Reynolds Linn, September 5, 1918




Sept 5" 1918

My dear Myra

The cable is certainly bewildering, do you think that it is the new draft and that he is coming home to join an officers' camp, or do you think that perhaps he is too near typhoid fever to be quite strong enough for the work! I talked to a Denver Y.M.C.A man last night who thought that they were probably sending back a [page 2] good many of the Y.M.C.A men for the new registration. We can only wait & see and of course will know very soon.

Have you given up going to Berkeley in Sept? If it is registration he will have to come out to Cal. It is all a matter of speculation isn't it. It was dear of you to send me the cable and I am writing to Weber and Esther. Love to Jane and to you, Dear, Always your loving aunt

Jane Addams

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I am sending a rough little sweater for Jane to play out doors in, it is made of "heather wool" which was given me by a friend of mine here who uses to make "play sweaters" for her children. I have knitted it during nature talks and it has a good many mistakes in it, I am afraid.