Jane Addams to Stanley Ross Linn, August 11, 1918


Aug 11" 1918

Longs Peak Inn
Longs Peak Colorado

My dear Stanley

It was very nice to have your letter reach me here where the view of the mountains often reminds me of the clear view from your house. Mary Smith had an operation in the Presbyterian hospital the last of June and her doctor ordered her out here for her convalescence. She is getting better each day [page 2] and we are both much better for this wonderful mountain air. The hotel itself is nine thousand feet high.

Myra has been a proper saint in regard to sending me your letters and it has been a great comfort to know that you were so busy and felt that your decision had been the right one.

Myra has been so [page 3] distressed that you didn't get her letters and it is hard since that hers should have been the very one that were delayed. I do hope that you have had a huge package of them before this. You know of course that she and Mrs Reynolds decided not to go up to Berkeley until the first of Sept. I am glad she will have the change of climate [page 4] then for it must have been awfully hot this summer -- at any rate it is in Chicago and this the middle west.

Mr Moore got safely out of service and is now doing service as an orderly in Paris, perhaps you may run across him some day, quite a number of the old residents are in France, of course you knew Dr Britton from the old days. [page 5]

I am very much better and hope by next fall to be able to do full work. Your letters are a great comfort and we get almost our only news from John through you. I mean to write to both of you oftener than I have and I know, as you say, that he is in especial need of letters.

With unchanging affection I am always your loving Aunt Jane Addams