For the Renewal of Humanity, August 1918 (fragment)


(Translations from Le Populaire de Paris, June 11, 1918. "Le Populaire is a radical minority Socialist evening paper started in Paris about a month ago, with Jean Longuet, the grandson of Karl Marx -- his father was a communard and while an exile in England fell in love with Frl. Marx -- as political editor, Henri Barbusse of Le Feu as Literary Editor, and Paul Faure as Editor. Romain Rolland was advertised as one of its contributors and had a few lines in the opening number. That for June 11 contained Rolland's first real article." L. S. G.)

If there are men today whom modesty becomes, it is the intellectuals. Their role in the war has been frightful; one cannot pardon it. Not only have they done nothing to lessen the mutual misunderstanding or to limit hate, but, with very few exceptions, they have done everything to extend and to envenom it. The war has been, in part, their war. They have poisoned thousands of brains with their murderous ideologies. Sure of their truth, proud and implacable, they have sacrificed millions of young lives to the phantoms of their minds. History will not forget it.