Jane Addams to Mina Caroline Ginger Van Winkle, April 23, 1918


April 23d, 1918

My dear Mrs. Van Winkle:

I am enclosing a list of the speeches which I gave during my California trip. As many of the dates were arranged through you I thought you might be interested in having this list. I enjoyed the speaking very much and found a very generous response everywhere.

I am returning to you the book of vouchers. The one ticket which was bought to Cleveland was afterwards [canceled] when it was discovered that the Cleveland people were to pay for my tickets. The request for transportation was therefore not used in that case and was returned to the book in order that there might be no confusion.

I understand, of course, that my engagements are now to be made by Mr. Bestor through the Committee of Public Information, but it seemed better to return the vouchers to you. You very kindly O.K'd the payment of my expenses to New Orleans by the Food Administration. I was called back, as you may remember, by my brother's death but paid my own expenses later.

Thanking you for your many courtesies and hoping to have the pleasure of seeing you at Hull-House some time, I am,

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]