Jane Addams to Helen Culver, October 28, 1918


My dear Miss Culver

May I thank you for the package Mr Ewing brought in last evening? The clothes are of course much too good to be given out indiscriminately but we are taking great pains and hope to dispose of them wisely. I find that they are very dear to me and one of them vividly [recalls?] the wearer. I prize very highly my long friendship with Miss French, and very much [page 2] admire her fine character & gallant end. She met it with such wonderful control and understanding.

I have read the Mss. about Mr Hull with the greatest interest. It has some repetitions in it and would need to be sharpened in its outline before it was published but I hope very much we can have it done. There is so much in his life that would be a great help and stimulus to our young people. [page 3] I will bring it out to you very soon, for Mary Smith and I are planning to come again.

A letter came to me this morning signed by “Thos J Hull --” I am [enclosing] it thinking that it may entertain you. Please don’t return it as it does not need an answer.

With affectionate greetings to Mrs Peck and yourself, I am always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

Oct 28” 1918