Jane Addams to Myra Harriet Reynolds Linn, April 20, 1918


April 20th, 1918

Dear Myra:

I did not have a minute to write to you while I was [traveling] so quickly from one place to another.

I have just gotten back and Esther is the only member of the family I have seen although Weber has telephoned and they were both delighted with Stanley's visit.

I am sending you a portion of Mrs. Rutan's letter which came this morning and hope very much, if it seems worth while to go to Sacramento, that you will make the journey ↑"on me" please, letting me know the cost [etc.?]↓ and I am sure you will find Mrs. Rutan a charming hostess. I wrote to her that perhaps if the Berkeley plans went through you might come ↑to Berkeley↓ in June, perhaps not until August: but in either case you would let her know. Of all the people I talked to in regard to Berkeley, she seemed to me by far the most interested, and I am sure would be endlessly kind.

I have not been able to get your Aunt on the telephone but I am going to call her up again and add something later to this letter.

Your affectionate Aunt Jane [signed]

↑Dearest Child

I felt so sorry for you the day that we left and I do hope that it hasn't been too hard. I think of you very often & always with much affection. Please give my love to your mother & believe me always devotedly yours. J. A.↓