Jane Addams to Winthrop David Lane, July 10, 1918


July 10th, 1918

My dear Mr. Lane:

I have done nothing to my article since I gave it in Kansas City, although I made some better points, I think, before the National Educational Association where I spoke in Pittsburgh last week. Almost all my food speaking has to be on a much simpler basis.

I am going West the last of July with my friend, Miss Smith, who is recovering from an operation. Perhaps I can write them and I will do my very best to get it together. I could not possibly have it ready before September. Perhaps you will let me write to you in August and report progress.

I am thinking of putting my pen to paper on the Russian situation. Is not that a bold idea? Can rashness go further?

Faithfully yours,

Jane Addams [signed]

↑July 10"1918↓

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