Jane Addams to Lillian D. Wald, April 4, 1918


Dearest Lady

I am always asking favors of you for my flock of Linns -- this time it is for the youngest one, Stanley, who is going to France for Y.M.C.A. work and is to be in New York for three days very soon, while his uniforms are being made.

If he should turn up on your [page 2] door step could you take him in -- of course as a "pay visitor" for a few days? If you have no vacant spot, please don't feel bad for of course he can take care of himself, but having been a settlement child as it were, he craves this last solace.

I met Mary and Eleanor Smith at this beautiful spot last evening, having come from "food" speaking, last at Salt Lake City. [page 3] [It's] very interesting and this western [world?] with its I.W.W.s and the rest is an interesting place.

We are certainly counting upon seeing you in May, and Mary unites with me in sending her dearest love

Always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

April 4" 1918