Jane Addams to Myra Harriet Reynolds Linn, June 15, 1918


My dear Myra

I wonder if you have gone north and how your plans are coming out.

Do write me a word about them and please plan for the longer or shorter course exactly as it seems [best?] for you -- for that you should get a little rested and refreshed after your hard year is most important. [page 2] I have had two postals from Stanley and I have no doubt that you have had innumerable ones. A letter from John the other day said that he had not seen Mr Reynolds for a long time and that he understood that he had gone to Paris. I hope you hear good news from him all of the time. This is only a word to [page 3] break the silence, for I am at the beginning of a very full day.

With love to your mother and to your daughter and to you -- Dear, I am

Always your loving Aunt

Jane Addams --

June 15" 1918