Jane Addams to Anna Marcet Haldeman-Julius, December 17, 1917


My dear Marcet

I hope you are safely settled in Cedarville with not too many delays on the journey. If you decide to go to Washington, do stop here at least long enough to give us a visit with Alice for whom I find myself increasingly homesick.

I hope her very prosaic little present reached you safely, to [the] rest of you I am sending only books this year -- very [page 2] simple presents indeed! with all my best wishes however! The rompers I had ordered from the Trade School were so big that I sent them all to Cal. and after Xmas they were going to try again.

I have been to Jacksonville Fla. as well as to Phila. since I saw you last but am really feeling quite fine in spite of the rather difficult travel and very anxious to see you all.

With much love to the household, I am always [page 3] your devoted aunt Jane Addams

Dec 17" 1917

P.S. I am sending things there early because of the crowded mails -- don't open them too soon.

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