Alice Thacher Post to Jane Addams, November 20, 1917


Carbons sent to Mrs. Hull and Mrs. Mead, from A. T. P.


November 20, 1917.

Dear Miss Addams:

I think the decision not to have preliminary Programs this year wise, and it will make it easier to get our speakers and subjects arranged to our satisfaction. At present our list stands as follows:

Miss Abbott, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Cothren, Miss Balch, Mrs. Buttenheim, Mrs. Falconer, Miss Addams, Miss Gale.

I am in hopes the rest will approve the addition of Mrs. Charles R. Crane and Mrs. Fels, at least informally. And I think we are agreed that we will ask Mrs. Lewis for a money speech, though I have not yet done so. Some of the above may not accept.

In your letter of the 15th you asked:

"Don't you think we ought to have Professor Hull with something about The Hague Court, and possibly Mr. Rowe of the Amer. Acad. of Pol. and Soc. Sci. of Philadelphia, who knows lots about South America. I think one or two men would be an advantage, and perhaps it is just as well not to have too many of our own members."

I replied somewhat negatively, for then the time seemed short, and I did not then know whether Mr. Angell and Dr. Lynch had been secured for the evening of the 6th, and I thought we might need just Mr. Hull and Dr. Rowe, if we could get them, for the 6th.

Now the situation is different, and if you do not think our program full (taking into account that some may not accept), I would be very glad to ask them both, and now I know that the Philadelphia people will not be needing them for the 6th, I can ask them directly from here, as I know their addresses of course. I shall be glad to hear as soon as possible.

To sum up: I want to know about asking the following -- Mr. Hull, Dr. Rowe, Mrs. Lewis, Mrs. Crane, Mrs. Fels.

Faithfully yours,

Alice Thacher Post [signed]