Eleanor Daggett Karsten to Mina Caroline Ginger Van Minkle, November 16, 1917


November 16th, 1917

My dear Miss Van Winkle:

Miss Addams has asked me to say in answer to your letter of November twelfth, that she has had the invitation from the Woman's City Club of Cincinnati for a long time and would be very glad indeed, in accordance with the request from the Food Administration Department, to accept it if the time can be arranged.

The Men's City Club of Cincinnati have also been urging Miss Addams to speak for them and perhaps it will be possible to plan a talk before both organizations, either separately, or even better, in joint meeting. If this can be done, Miss Addams will be glad to consider this one of her January engagements for Mr. Hoover's Department.

Miss Addams wishes me to tell you that the meeting at Hot Springs was very successful and she is looking forward to the trip to Denver next week with pleasure.

Very sincerely yours,

Eleanor Daggett Karsten [signed]
Secretary to Jane Addams

P.S. Mr McBrien told Miss Addams while she was in Hot Springs that the expense of her trip was to be defrayed by the Department at Washington. If this is the case, I will be glad to send a statement of the traveling expenses incurred. Miss Addams will be glad to pay the incidental expenses involved herself.