Jane Addams to Woodrow Wilson, January 14, 1918


January 14, 1918.

Hon. Woodrow Wilson,
President of the United States,
White House, Washington, D.C.

My dear Mr. President:

In transmitting to you the resolutions adopted by our Board last Saturday, may I express my personal appreciation of your courage and far-sightedness in thus making so clear the great principles of a democratic peace.

"The National Board of the Woman's Peace Party desires to give public expression to its admiration and gratitude for the President's statement of January 8th.

We are glad to see in the fore front of this statement the fundamental bases of the new world order --democratic diplomacy, freedom of the seas, equality of trade conditions, the greatest possible reduction of armaments, prime regard in colonial matters for the welfare of the population themselves, cooperation with the New Russia and finally formation of a general association of nations.

As the Section for the United States of the International Committee of Women for Permanent Peace, we are inviting all the other national sections organized in 21 countries to study this, -- the most profound and brilliant formulation as yet put forth by any responsible statesman of the program of international reorganization".

↑Very sincerely yours

Jane Addams↓