Alice Thacher Post to Hannah Clothier Hull, November 11, 1917


Carbons of this letter are being sent to Miss Addams and Mrs. Mead by A. T. Post.

November 11, 1917.

Dear Mrs. Hull:

Yours of 9th received yesterday, probably crossing mine of the 8th. I am enclosing a copy of the program of the Oppressed Nationalities Conference held last year in connection with our Annual Meeting. You will see that they printed the names, as far as they knew them, of the speakers for the banquet. I think we should do that this year, and that we can make the list so complete that we can insist on adhering to our program. That aids in avoiding the suggesting of unsuitable persons during the progress of the program.

You ask about putting speakers on our "general program." I think the character of the tentative program is such that there will be no room for assigned speakers or regular speeches except on the two evenings. And as you know, we are hoping that Thursday evening will be occupied by a joint meeting of the Woman's Peace Party and local religious and peace groups, arranged locally, and with, if practicable, Norman Angell and Dr. Lynch as speakers. So that leaves only Friday evening for speakers announced by ourselves. In order to push things forward I will ask if you and Mrs. Mead, and Miss Addams if she has time for it, will not kindly let me know how you feel about the following questions:

1. Would you think Internationalism a good subject, with each speaker selecting her own phase of the subject, these to be announced on the program?

2. Would you think seven speakers, with Miss Addams additional to close, satisfactory? or more, or less?

3. Would you think ten minutes a good time limit? or more, or less? (Giving Miss Addams as much time as she likes for she may have to explain or rebut something)

4. What names would you select from the following, and in what order of importance (such order not to followed on the program, of course), and what other names would you suggest?

Miss Grace Abbott, Mrs. Frank Cothren, Mrs. Fannie Fern Andrews, Mrs. Harold Buttenheim, Mrs. Spencer, Mrs. Mead, Miss Breckinridge, Miss Janet Richards (of Washington), Mrs. Lucy Biddle Lewis, Mrs. Edwin C. Grice (of Philadelphia), Mrs. Martha P. Falconer (Supt. of the Girls' Reformatory of Philadelphia), Miss Emily G. Balch, Miss Julia Lathrop, Mrs. J. Malcolm Forbes (of Boston), Miss Zona Gale, Mrs. Charles R. Crane, Mrs. Joseph Fels, Mrs. J. P. Warbasse.

If some of these people felt timid about a formal ten-minutes speech we could ask them to speak a few minutes, and not to try to take all of their time.

Faithfully yours,