Jane Addams to Lillian D. Wald, August 23, 1917


Mackinac Island

Aug 23d 1917

Dearest Lady --

Thank you so much for your letter about the People's Council.

I think that if I were "well & strong" I would venture it and do what I could for its development, but with the promised fight coming on it seems to be no place for a sickish lady who might have to go to bed in the midst of a crisis! There is not much judgment [page 2] [or?] wisdom there [although] a lot of genuine protest against war and that of course takes many unfortunate expressions. I am up here for a week with A. Hamilton, it is a delightful spot and as cool as Bar Harbor itself. Mary goes back this week for the sake of a visit with Lyman and his mother, but I will stay nearer to Chicago for the rest of the summer. The draft situation has kept me [page 3] busy at H.H. How bewildered the poor immigrants are over it all!

I don't like the notion of your malady continuing. Please write me about the result of the treatment.

Have you resigned from the Am. U. agt M.? I can't imagine such a thing nor what it would be without you! Do tell me more about it. The Legal Bureau is quite on its own feet in Chicago and [page 4] doing very well, some lawyers who are quite conventional about the war are giving their services to it.

I am sending one of our young girls with a letter to Henry St hoping you can take her in for a few days. She will pay her own way of course but if you have a scrap of a room it would be a great thing for her to be there. She is a gifted teacher of dancing and very [page 5] [appreciative] of all your playhouse is doing.

Her name is Bessie Hornstein.

I hope you are getting some rest out of this buzzing summer, I am sure you know that I am

Always devotedly yours

Jane Addams

P.S. It is best to send all letters direct to H.H.