Lucia Ames Mead to Jane Addams, September 15, 1917

Egypt. Mass.
Sept. 15. '17.

My dear Miss Addams,

Our Mass. Ex. board had a communication from Mrs. Elizabeth Tilton, one of our members who has been a national authority and worker on Prohibition who is asked to be one of a committee of 100 of the "International Reform Bureau" which will meet in Washington early in December to consider After the War Problems. These will include Liquor. Plebiscite of Small Nations International Tribunals. Labor Questions. [page 2] She felt it was an opportunity for our W.P.P. to do something with the members whose affiliations are evidently in the west and that we might guide its discussion on war and peace questions.

Our board turned the matter over to me with the hope that our national board might be able to make some connections. I have written Mrs. Tilton, offering to do anything in my power and assuring her of your interest even if you could give no time. I suggested her writing to inquire further and told her something of what [page 3] I think must be considered.

I have received from Mrs. Karsten the Int. com. report of June 15 with the treasurer's report of which I had already received a copy. I will see that Mrs. Andrews and Miss Balch see them. Part of this seemed to be a duplicate of what was reported at our meeting of the 35 in June.

Mrs. Karsten says you think if we have a Board meeting, we ought to call one of the committee of 35 at about the same time. As we had one so recently and have just issued our Tentative program, I suppose there is no special reason for this except to consider raising funds. [page 4]

I am thinking of writing a little article about our I.W.P.P. and printing our Tentative Program which I think is now a very good one.

I am indignant at the treatment of the People's Council, the invasion of Scott Nearing's home and all the [evidences] of intolerance and hysteria that are however no more than what I expected when we once entered on our present policy. I expect more strikes and increasing trouble. Now is the time for us to learn how to interpret and keep a true balance. Every day brings new perplexities, but I am not cast down.

Yours, faithfully,

Lucia Ames Mead