Richard Theodore Ely to Jane Addams, November 20, 1905


November 20, 1905.

Miss Jane Addams,
335 South Halsted Street,
Chicago, Illinois.

Dear Miss Addams:-

I am very glad indeed to know [that] you will be with us during the summer session. I believe [that] Professor D. C. Munro, who has general administrative charge of the summer session, wishes to get out announcements before Christmas. It will be well, therefore, if you can let us have the precise title of your course with brief description within a few days. Very likely you may hear from Professor Munro directly.

I am about to start for Macon, Georgia, [we] shall be gone from home for at least week. Possible I may see you tomorrow at Hull House.

Mrs. Kelley's book seems to be meeting with much favor, I am glad to say. I think it will do credit to all concerned and will perform a very useful service.

Faithfully yours,


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