Grace Hoffman White to Jane Addams, July 4, 1917

July 4/17

[written in upper left margin] I am sending for 6 copies of your article.

Dear Miss Addams

I have just received and read and reread your wonderful article "Patriotism and Pacifists In War Time." It is an inspiration, a vision, a door open to the possibilities of man -- How we do miss out when, for the popularity [page 2] of an hour, we refuse to make practical the vision for the people. This is the what America, I feel has done -- missed a great international opportunity. To me you are as one who holds a beacon which nothing can extinguish for it is the light of Truth. Only by this light may we reach <the> path of true patriotism that shall indeed "lead all nations of the earth into an [page 3] organized international life worthy of civilized life." Thank you again for it.

I have been quite upset about the new policy the Woman's Party has adopted. They feel that at this hour when the powers that be are talking about democracy and building up autocracy, that they are the only ones standing solely for democracy and equality of rights. It may be weakness or the fact that I belong to another generation, but I cannot quite see that this is the psychological [page 4] moment for trying out the issue by that method. It naturally leads to impatience when we as women are asked to mobilize for everything and our first demand is ignored. Historically it may be the way but -- and there I stick! -- If not asking too much will you send me a word about it. It shall not be made public in any way.

Thank you for telegram about the Russian Comm. There was no information to send back.

Faithfully & affectionately yours --

Grace Hoffman White