Helen S. Gilbert to Jane Addams, July 4, 1917


Chicago, July 4, 1917

Miss Jane Addams: --

Dear Miss Addams, -- as a constituent of the People's Council of America for Democracy and Peace, and also as a member of the Woman's Peace Party, I am very anxious to attend the public mass meeting which I learn is to be given at the Auditorium July 15, in honor [page 2] of the Russian Commission from Petrograd. I wish to secure three tickets if possible, -- one for myself, one for a friend, Miss Eda Ohrenstein, 5310 Harper Av. -- also a constituent of the People's Council, and, I believe a member of the Woman's Peace Party, -- and the third for a friend who [page 3] is interested in the meeting.

I inquired about this meeting on Tuesday at Room 504 -- 116 So. Michigan Av., and they told me to apply to you as vice-chairman of the meeting. If there is a charge for seats, please let me know and I will forward the money at once. If we cannot have [page 4] the three seats, can we have the two, -- together, if possible? Thanking you for an early reply, I am

Yours truly,

(Miss) Helen S. Gilbert
5234 Woodlawn Av.,

To save trouble, you may send all three tickets to me.