Jane Addams, July 1, 1917


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There is a faith, blessed and solemn
Come from the far distance
That through the dark struggle
of a people
often shows the prophetess the way


Today we see the demons from
Far. The anger of the peoples unto
hideous flame,
See how the mighty nations
Try their strength, each against the other


But, are all the heroes of my race?
Are in the other, coward mans?
Is not the faith alive in every one
That he gives blood and life for the Right?


Shall blind Hate in hideous measure
Shriek black with rage the songs of the future?
The voices of the men of one land 
speak not
But our "First Woman" cries No! No!


She says "Pity ends not at a countrys
No mountain top, no ocean keep it back
And when the tears of anguish flow
Is everywhere a pitying ministrant [page 2]

"The suckling, perishing upon the milkless breast
Even on the Rhine-Strand or the Wesir
Calls out for success
In land if for in land of friend.


An Emerson has not in rain
Lighted our path with his wisdom
Not in rain had Source Song
Of pious Landfall and his pilgrimage"
So spake she who saw at the
root of things
Doesn't truth lighten
She was called to build for
suffering humanity
A refuge a sanctuary
Why today timid men have
dared not say
This woman's voice clear hath
The great poets word again is true
The strange womanly draws us to her.

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