Bertha Read-Phipps to Jane Addams, May 9, 1917


3033 E. 32 ST., Kansas City, MO., 5/9.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House, Chicago.

Quite lately a communication from me, -- a short song, brought the copies of literature sent out by the Woman's Peace Party. I am much interested in this work and this literature. May I request that I receive anything new that the organization puts out? There is so much to be done and it is so difficult to do, even with all tact and wisdom. The press is no mouthpiece for the common people. We women here glory that some of our sex and our fellow citizens do dare, and do succeed. Could you please spare two more copies of "Suggestions for Work in War Time"? and "A Program for War Time."?

I enclose a piece of literature used here in our schools last week. It speaks for itself.

Most sincerely yours with many good wishes,

Mrs. Bertha Read-Phipps [signed]