Flora Dunlap to Jane Addams, May 9, 1917


United Neighborhood Guild

174 and 176 Nassau Street

Brooklyn, N.Y., May 9 1917

My dear Miss Addams,

I do not know if you have happened to know that I left Des Moines last October to become head worker in this settlement in Brooklyn. I am still a Westerner however and I am considering this only a leave of absence from the west, until chance or Providence sends me back.

It has been very pleasant so far as the work is concerned [though] none of us can feel that life is pleasant these days with all the horror of war and our undemocratic methods concerning it.

I am only sending you this note to tell you that there are a few people who still believe in peace, even [though] we are trying to be patriotic citizens, and to thank you again for myself for all you have done in the time since the war began, for peace. Your words and work have meant a very great deal to a great many people and their value is none the less because for the moment our country too seems to have been entirely engulfed.

I hope I may see you sometimes when you are in New York. I was disappointed not to hear you when you were here last but notices of the meeting were apparently not sent to all the members of the Womans Peace Party and I did not know the exact time of the meeting until it was over.

I should be so glad if you ever have time to come and [page 2] see me here or if I can be of any small service when you are in New York.

With all good wishes

cordially yours

Flora Dunlap. [signed]

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