Augusta M. Salewsky to Jane Addams, May 8, 1917


Cincinnati, May 8, 1917.

Miss Jane Addams,
President of the Woman's Peace Party

Dear Lady:

You are aware of the fact, that the war party of the whole world is raised and trained. The peace party has started in the right direction to educate the school child in opposition to the war party. On account of long traditions we peace workers have lost for the time being. Let us start then with the unborn -- through the mother. Now is the time to pass a law, that every woman of the land must be prepared for a mother, housewife and nurse. [page 2]

Some people have [answered] me, that we have already cooking and sewing in the high schools; but by that we do not reach the ignorant masses. Some people make the remark, that boys and girls know already too much about sex before they are ripe for it. I say: just therefore we must see to it that the girls receive in a proper institution the right practical course. I have received such a training before I was allowed to enter a seminary to become a [kindergartener]. A keen insight for the social affairs will follow; men will find a true companion for life, where we see [today] war in families. Thousands of feeble minded children will not be born. [page 3]

Between short intervals I found in one house a woman carrying a sickly born child on her arm, telling me that this was the second one born in this condition. Not very far from that house, a feeble minded boy and a girl are going around. In my neighborhood a child could not be born because the young wife ate and slept too much.

It is about fifty years ago, that I heard the first voice for women's rights; (vote) if, by that time men would have passed the law I plead for, we very likely would have the vote now, and war probably could have been prevented.

I could not resist my feeling to write to you.

Sincerely yours,
(Miss) Augusta Salewsky.

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