Sally Howard Burch to Jane Addams, June 4, 1917


The Woman's Peace Party

1627 Conn. Ave.
Washington, D.C.

My dear Miss [Addams]: --

We are so intensely interested here in our local branch to know just what happened in Chicago at the meeting on May 27 and to know what the National Woman's Peace Party's attitude will be in regard to the First American Conference for Democracy and Terms of Peace that I felt I must write directly to you. We are having probably our last monthly meeting of The Washington Branch of Woman's Peace Party on Monday afternoon, June 4. I am hoping as you are to be in New York that you could make it possible to come over and speak to us at that meeting. It would be such a wonderful thing if you could make it possible. We have not had great activity lately and I am sure you coming would bring out [page 2] all our members as well as a great many who have not joined us. As Chicago and New York have had such splendid meeting we do not like to fall behind. I feel as though I am asking a great deal but hope you will be able to come.

Very sincerely

Sally H. Burch.