James Hayden Tufts to Jane Addams, May 1, 1917


May 1, 1917

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House,

Dear Miss Addams:

I have not wished to call upon you for any of the minor difficulties of the Illinois Committee on Social Legislation. We are, however, at present in a rather serious predicament and I wonder if perhaps you might be able to write a note to one or more persons that might pull us out.

The predicament is that after several appeals to all our constituent bodies and several letters to the various philanthropic persons who might be supposedly willing to aid us we have reached the end of our resources (are in fact $100 behind) and need about $1000 to finish the work of the Committee for this session of the Legislature. We have several important bills in the Legislature and I do not like to stop our efforts.

What I am venturing to suggest is that possibly you might be willing to write a note to Mrs. Blaine (who gave us $200 our first year but has not sent us anything this year) or to Mrs. Bryan Lathrop (whose husband gave $100 our first year) or Mrs. Blackstone who is said to be very well disposed but who is unknown personally to the officers, or to anyone else that occurs to you whom it might be easy for you to write to. Our Secretary could send you the names of those who have contributed. I have the matter to the attention of the [page 2] recently established Chicago Community Trust. They have a meeting this week and may perhaps give us something as Mr. Barnes, the President, seems to be favorable. But unless they do or unless we get liberal contributions from some other individuals we shall have to stop at once.

Very sincerely yours,