Ada McPherson Morley to Jane Addams, January 30, 1915


Dear Jane Addams

Most people would use the title Miss yet somehow Miss Queen Victoria would be as appropriate to your blind friend.

I wrote you 3 yrs ago from Albuquerque about associated charities to try to correct disagreeable [and] [page 2] dishonorable conditions for orphans. From my Reader I learn you are Pres of a Peace League. Every woman ought to join that. If I can I'll gladly work to get New Mexico into line. I rejoice a movement to stop war is organized. My faith is [such] you will stop butchery. [page 3] Is it like WCTU and ESA? Or what? Both the above societies have long been for Peace.

My darkness shall not deter me. Command me for Country & Peace


Ada M Morley
New Mexico