Anonymous to Jane Addams, March, 20, 1906

No 227 Baker St.
Syracuse NY

3-20th 1906.

Miss Jane Addams

Dear Madam, [page 2]

I hope you will not think me a crank for writing but I saw your picture in a magazine and took a great liking to you your face is so pleasant.

Believe me Miss Addams I not in the habit of asking assistance but having read of your kindness to the poor and being in great need myself how I wish you could find it possible to help me a little. I worked in a knitting mill when I was able to work but for the past year and a half I havent been able to work anywhere. I am so miserable I am near unto nervous exhaustion and as my husband has been out of work all winter I am unable to have the medicine I so much need if you could help me to the means to get doctored up how thankful I would be. I hope you will not let my letter or name be published. I always feel such a delicacy about such a matter or even asking aid and were I not driven to it now I should not have done it. I measure only 4 feet and weigh about 98 so you can judge I am not able for any hard work even in good health but [illegible] well I could work at something. Hoping you will at least answer my letter I close with best wishes.

Mrs. M.

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