Stanley Ross Linn to Jane Addams, July 15, 1905


Dear Aunt Jane:--

Am now in Wyoming. You probably are wondering where I am and what I am doing, and will therefore be glad to get this letter. Have been too busy to write before.

When I telegraphed to you last week I fully intended to go to Chicago with a fellow I used to know who was stranded in [illegible] with only a ticket [home] and sick and helpless as a baby. He is about six feet 4 inches tall but was absolutely helpless. Finally decided to stay out here however, so took him to the station and made arrangements for him to be taken care of as far as Chicago. There [page 2] friends will meet him and take him home to N.Y.

Spent all of my money on him and a R.R. fare here, so that when I left Denver had $2:70. Had to stay overnight at Cheyenne so arrived in Douglas with 75¢. Met Robert Wilson there and he paid for my lunch. Together we had $1:50 and it costing us 70¢ apiece to get here we each have now 5¢. Have earned already 2:25 apiece however and have a job for at least two weeks more so are on easy street. Did not know when I left Denver whether or not Bob would be in Douglas or 3 miles out, but had to take a chance.

But to return to the start. [page 3]

When I was working outside of Denver got word that job surveying was offered me. Left the job I had and went in. Was offered job in charge of four men making final survey with them. No one could check my work until RR. had lost money if it was wrong and since had had very little experience [illegible]. Was only offered job because they could find no [man?] at that time and wanted one right away.

Lost my other job, so telegraphed to Bob at Douglas, because almost impossible to get outdoor work around Denver. He said he had a job for both of us at $30 per month & expenses. I came right out as above related. [page 4]

Am now at Careyhurst Wyoming, 25 miles from Douglas straight north of Cheyenne in ↑East↓ central portion of the state. Am working [mucking] hay at a ranch 3/4 mile out of Careyhurst. This ranch extends for ten miles up the valley here. They have about 3000 acres in Alfalfa, lots of timothy, some wild hay and many cattle.

The foreman asked us only one question when we came and that was could we drive [illegible] horses. We said we could so got a job ↑two men [got] fired and we took their places↓. There are two [illegible] at this part known as the Lower Ranch, each with between [page 5] fifteen and twenty-five men and a dozen or twenty teams. No team has been driven longer than this Summer and some just started. It is a funny sight to be [mucking] hay and see every once in a while some horse start to buck in harness. A man got his arm broken [below] elbow yesterday because he was careless. Broke both bones straight off. Our outfit goes to the upper ranch in three or four days to start on the timothy & wild hay.

My two horses are not bad at all. I drive a hay rake. One horse has been driven about a week and the [page 6] other longer a good deal and they are alright [but] have to be watched closely.

We all eat at out of doors at a large table  that is our outfit and are a strange looking lot. You would not know me. Have a weeks growth Beard which will shave off in a few moments a 15¢ straw-hat kept on my head by string around ears, a dirty shirt, overalls and high shoes. We arise at 4:30 start work at 6; leave off at 11:30, start at 12:30 and work until 6 P.m.

Do not worry about me as I never felt better in my life. Am merely doing this until I get word from George Law that the surveying [page 7] job I want is ready. Mr. Summer said he would give me the one I want this time and it would probably be in about three weeks. Now have earned enough to take me to Denver anyway as I have my tickets back so feel fine.

Please pardon writing. Am out of doors leaning against a [weighing] machine, writing on my knee. Have been inside once in last two days. Sleep outside in bedding on ground.

Have my pictures been finished yet? If so please send me two at Denver c/o George Law, Shirley [Annex] [Page 8] and I will get them when I go there.

Please send one to Mr. Sanford Avery Lyon, 600 E. 60th St. Chicago Illinois.

Will pay you the $4 for the half dozen I did not pay for, as soon as I can spare it and get it.

With lots of love to you and regards to old H.H. I am your loving nephew


 c/o S.O ranch.

Sunday July 15/05.