Wilhelmina Marie Bruere to Eleanor Daggett Karsten, February 15, 1917


February 15, 1917.

Mrs. Eleanor G. Karsten, Office Secretary,
The Woman's Peace Party,
116 So. Michigan Ave.,
Chicago, Illinois.

My dear Mrs. Karsten:

It is a great pleasure to find our lines touching again. I kept your letter close to my right hand for a long time with the hope of writing you quite fully, but pressure of work has deprived me of a number of privileges of this sort. I feel sure that you must be finding both your work and the atmosphere very congenial, and I hope that the efforts which you and those who are actively associated with you in this splendid movement will be crowned with success.

Mrs. Vanderlip asks me to acknowledge the appeal to her for cooperation. She is greatly interested in the movement, but at the moment is so committed to the State Suffrage Campaign that she feels bound to concentrate her efforts on that. She begs me to say that she will be glad to pledge $100.00 to the Campaign for the Woman's Peace Party as soon as the heavy expenses of the New York State Campaign are ended, November 7th, 1917.

In the meantime she wishes me to assure you of her interest, sympathy and her hope for the ultimate achievement of the great goal.

With kind greetings, believe me,