Anonymous ("An American Citizen") to Jane Addams, March 7, 1917


March 7th. 1917.

Mrs. Jane Addams,
Chicago. Ills.

Hon. Madam --

Kindly read the enclosed letter, which was sent to many hundreds of unbiased, nonsubsidized Newspapers of the United States by me.

Knowing that your aim is coincident with mine and the rest of all sane, true and really honorable Americans, I consider it advisable to let you know this plan, that you may aid it through your extensive connections, your popularity and the many channels of publicity so fortunately at your command.

May God help us to succeed in our effort, so that we can say once more with Lincoln: "A Government By the People, of the People, for the People". It would be a splendid example to the entire World, and a significant lesson to the croesuses of the Newspaper game and the other [plutocrats].

I feel you will be an enthusiastic helper in this plan, and that you will tell it to all the organizations which you know. In case these organizations have branches in other Cities they will surely not fail to inform those also. Thus concerted, united effort will tell in a short time, and it would be for the greatest cause on earth "Honorable Peace", of which you are such an admirable, honest defender.

Yours very respectfully

An American Citizen, who loves his Country.

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