Olga Kuhlmeyer to Jane Addams, December 13, 1916

<438 N. Lake St., Madison, Wis.
12/13/16. >
Miss Jane Addams,
Chicago, Ill.

My dear Miss Addams: Pardon me please, if I a stranger to you, address this to you, but the common cause in which you and I are interested prompts me to write to you.

I have just completed a little childrens' play, the central idea of which is the propagating of the peace movement in the world.

On reading it before the members of a local peace meeting and others interested in the cause, among whom are Senator La Follette's wife and Congressman Nelson's wife, I was urged to bring the play before the public, especially before the Woman's Peace Party, of which you are chairman, and also to have it presented in public schools.

It is now my purpose to see you personally and, if you wish, to read the play to you. I leave Madison Monday Dec. 25th. for Michigan, where I intend to read the play before several peace meetings. On my return [through] Chicago about January 1st or 2nd I should like to call on [page 2] you, if it is convenient for you to meet me. The financial returns from any performances of this play are to be divided equally among the different suffering nations or to be used for a peace propaganda.

Hoping for an early reply, I remain most cordially

Mrs. Jno. F. Haussmann.