The Survey to Jane Addams, January 29, 1917

Twenty Nine
Nineteen Seventeen.

Dear Miss Addams:

The “Tribunals” and the other material which you were good enough to let me have has been exceedingly useful. I am returning it herewith. The article by Dr. Hannah which we will print in one of the next two issues is largely based upon these documents.

I shall, of course, be grateful if you will further send me anything coming to hand which you may think of interest. Perhaps you will be good enough also to communicate this request to other members of the Hull House family. I remember, for instance, two years ago, Miss Landsberg showed me some bulletins from a social settlement in Berlin which were of exceptional interest. If similar material is available now it would be most useful. I am,

Yours sincerely,

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House

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