Eleanor Dagget Karsten to Elizabeth Brennan, January 29, 1917


My dear Miss Brennan:

Miss Addams has asked me to answer your letter of January 25th and thank you for the information in reference to Mrs. Skeffington. She hopes very much that the Woman’s Peace Party may be able to arrange a luncheon for Mrs. Skeffington while she is here and have an opportunity of hearing her speak.

Will you kindly let me know more definitely about her terms and at what dates would be available for a one o’clock luncheon?

I regret to say that Mrs. Thomas is in Washington at present doing Legislative work for the Woman’s Peace Party. She has written most glowing accounts of Mrs. Skeffington’s talks and we have been waiting to hear definitely about Mrs. Skeffington’s visit.

I am returning the clippings which you sent to Miss Addams.

Sincerely yours,

Office Secretary

Miss Elizabeth Brennan,
Lake Bluff, Illinois.