Jane Addams to Myra Harriet Reynolds Linn, January 25, 1917



My dear Myra --

I am very grateful for your telegram and have felt less worried ever since the $1000.00 from Lakeside has been paid in, so I hope you will send me a list of the unpaid bills. It would be nice to have every thing straightened out by the time time Stanley is up again so that there will be nothing to worry him. [page 2]

I suppose he will want to be consulted about the trees to be planted in Feb'y but you must get some one else to do the actual work.

Did you ever get the fifty dollars I sent R.F.D. after I heard that Jane had been in the hospital. It may have come after you left the little house.

I hope the automobile money is holding out for [the house?] [page 3] and your living expenses. Please send me an account of that at the end of the illness and I hope gradually to replace it <in the Ford fund.> It is fine about the baby, if she is gaining in weight and has cut a tooth, she is evidently on the up grade. Please give her a kiss from her old-and-anxious-Aunt.

With love to you and to Stanley -- I am so sorry for the hard time you are both having. [page 4]

I am very grateful for news. What are Stanley's employers doing, are they keeping his place for him. We mustn't let him go back too soon, whatever happens.

Always your devoted aunt Jane Addams

Jan'y 25" 1917

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