Edward Yeomans to Jane Addams, June 1, 1904

Highland Park
June 1st, 1904

My dear Miss Addams.

Miss Day and I are very much pleased to know that you intend to come to Lake Forest on Thursday. I realize even more keenly than Miss Day, perhaps, the honor you are doing us for I know how hard it is for you to find time for much more important affairs. It is really asking a good deal of people to come so far for so short an spectacle as a marriage ceremony.

The Days and all of us are hoping you will come to the house afterwards where you will find old friends and very real ones too.

I know you will be willing to [page 2] believe that because I have stopped living at Hull House I have therefore any less feeling for it and its ways. I think it is a good way, in fact, for Hull House to propagate its spirit to have men and women going out of it to different spheres of influence. And there, too, I propose to keep on next year, if there is any place for me, quite as I have done in the past as regards the Boys Club and to add Miss Day to the list of dependable helpers.

And this reminds me that I have much to apologize for in the past in the way of limited service and low efficiency.

I confess my main energies and most intense interest went into the day's work at the office and the residue of energy was too small to be of much use to anybody. [page 3] I will always be grateful for your toleration of such a resident because I personally gained very much and gave very little.

I am glad Charlie is going back and feel that I have done something at any rate for the House in steering his interest in such a good channel when he can find such good use for his gifts as he does over there. And at the same time I hope he ultimately will follow my example.

Please always consider me a very reliable agent of Hull House and anxious to be of any service at any time if I can forward its interests even if it is only by clearing up misapprehensions as to motives and such trifles as that.

Very Sincerely Yours, Edward Yeomans

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