Jane Addams to Myra Harriet Reynolds Linn, December 3, 1916


My dear Myra

I am sending you a work box belonging to Stanley's mother. She used it ever since I can remember so that it must be quite old. It is somewhat battered as to its movements but is essentially sound and I hope you will enjoy using it.

I leave for Washington D.C. on Wednesday (Dec 6) to be gone until the 14th.

I do hope that the baby is better, [page 2] if the doctor advises a cow you would better get one at once and I will send the Xmas money as soon as I return -- of course we would not hesitate between a cow and a Ford if the baby is better fed by the former.

My Washington address is c/o Hotel Ebbitt, F. St & 14th St. Washington D.C.

My love to all of you -- Always your loving Aunt Jane.

Dec 3d 1916.

P.S. The Xmas packages are going early to avoid the [crowded mails]. I sent a picture to Corona by express. I hope you will like it!