Jane Addams to Myra Harriet Reynolds Linn, December 20, 1916



My dear Myra

I have no [illegible] against goat's milk -- I took it myself one entire winter in Italy when I was recovering from nervous prostration -- I only feared for the young lemon trees of your one orchard and your neighbor's orchards. However long live Celeste! say I!

The chairs we find were sent to another Corona in Cal. [page 2] but a "tracer" is out after them and I hope they will soon turn up.

Has your chimney a stove pipe hole in the bed room back of it, so that it can be well heated & dried before the baby goes into it. Don't get all tired out settling the house.

With love to the family of three Always yours devotedly

Jane Addams

Dec 20" 1916.

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