Contract between Jane Addams and Macmillan Company, November 1916


AGREEMENT made this ↑24th day November 1916↓ between THE MACMILLAN COMPANY, hereinafter called the COMPANY and MISS JANE ADDAMS, hereinafter called the AUTHOR.

WHEREAS the COMPANY has under agreement with the AUTHOR published a work entitled TWENTY YEARS AT HULL HOUSE.

AND WHEREAS, the accounts have heretofore been rendered to the AUTHOR at the royalty, as required by the agreement,

AND WHEREAS, it is desired to publish the said work for inclusion in the Macmillan Pocket Classics Series.

NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the provisions hereof and of the sum of One Dollar to each in hand paid, the receipt whereof is hereby mutually acknowledged, it is agreed as follows:

THAT the COMPANY shall have the right to publish the said work in the Macmillan Pocket Classics Series and that on all copies sold of such edition the COMPANY shall pay to the AUTHOR only a royalty of one (1) cent per copy for each copy published and sold.

PROVIDED that on copies sold of the regular edition of said work, at the price of original publication, the royalty shall remain as per the terms of the original agreement.

The COMPANY shall make statements of accounting and make payment of the royalties due under this supplementary agreement at the time provided for in the original agreement,


George P. Brett [signed] PRESIDENT.