Mabel L. Hyers to Jane Addams, November 16, 1915


November 16th, 1915.

My dear Miss Addams:

I quote from a letter of Mrs. James Floyd Denison in which she asks for a greeting from you. We have kept the letter in the office because it refers to other matters.

"I am pleased in having secured the recognition of the Liberal Culture Club of Butte, in a most substantial way. They have given the Woman's Peace Party, their December meeting. We expect to place before the organization, which by the way, is composed of about three hundred men, the principles of our work for Constructive Peace.

"I wonder if it would be possible for Miss Addams to send us a greeting which might be read at that meeting.

"The President is Dr. T. C. Witherspoon, our leading surgeon, and a most estimable gentleman. He is tremendously interested in the movement for Universal Peace, and I feel that Dr. Witherspoon and his [coworkers] deserve some recognition from Miss Addams, for their prompt [cooperation].

"I would suggest that she would write a line for me, or send a wire, which might be read at this Banquet and meeting, when the Woman's Peace Party present their work.

"The date is December 9th, and the program, as we have it arranged, consists of two gentlemen, and three ladies, who will present the subject of Peace, filling the entire program for the evening.

"Let me have an early response, and believe me,

"Sincerely yours,

(Signed) Mrs. James Floyd Denison."

Sincerely yours,

Assistant Secretary.

Miss Jane Addams,
Hull House.

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