Paul Underwood Kellogg to Jane Addams, April 5, 1916


April 5, 1916.

Miss Jane Addams
Hull House
Chicago, Ill.

Dear Miss Addams:

Miss Balch wrote me that she was sailing on the 6th, and I shall endeavor to get to the pier. I wouldn't be [wholly] dumbfounded if I found you there -- setting out again for Europe.

But if not, and this reaches you in Chicago, I shall be very glad; for my judgment is that your holding yourself in reserve a while longer -- three months or six months -- is keeping the peace powder dry. That is, that you, your leadership and ability to elicit response from people is one of the real [leverages] we can count on in bringing about a settlement through negotiation. In a way, the Ford party turned over the ground in the early winter; and it seems to me that the chances of bringing anything to pass in the next few months are no better now than then; while to attempt to do so on the ground now might lessen your effectiveness later on.

That is, I think Miss Balch's going should be considered a scouting expedition, and that for you to hold yourself in reserve for a while yet is an advantage. And of course the more time you can take, the more rest and recreation this spring and summer, the greater chance you will have given your recuperative powers to store up the energies which will mean so much to you when the exacting labors of settlement are on.

I gather from my aunt that this winter in California has not amounted to much from the standpoint of climate, so that I am hopeful that this letter [page 2] will find you en route to some invigorating spring place, rather than on the deck of the Oscar 2nd!


Paul U Kellogg [signed]

<Since dictating this, Miss Wald telephones that you are not going now. I am very glad. I hope to see Miss Balch this afternoon.>

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