Jane Addams to Emanuel Julius, September 29, 1916


My dear Emanuel

I have an uneasy feeling that I may be missing the first copies of "The Color of Life," because I have forgotten the exact date of publication -- so I am [enclosing] a dollar and asking you to send me two copies to Miss Smith's at 12 West Walton Place, Chicago.

I have asked [Macmillan's] to send Marcet a copy of [page 2] my new book in Oct. which I hope you will both like.

Has the little lady returned from the Bankers' Convention, I judge by the reports in the N.Y. Times that it must be quite a lively session, and I quite visualize Marcet in the midst of it.

We leave here Oct. 5th and after a few days in Boston, go on to Chicago. I do hope that we are going to see [page 3] you and Marcet this fall when you come for your visit to Cedarville -- we were much disappointed that no happy fortune brought you here this summer.

With my best love to both of you,

Always affectionately yours

Jane Addams

Sept. 29" 1916