Harriet Taylor Upton to Frances Alice Kellor, September 6, 1912



September 6, 1912.

Miss Frances A. Kellor,
Manhattan Hotel, New York City.

Dear Miss Kellor:-

I received your letter in regard to the Progressive Party. Of course, I was glad to have Mr. Roosevelt endorse our question. I had at different times three interviews with Mr. Roosevelt when my father was in Congress and I was managing the Congressional work for the Woman Suffrage Association. Once he sent for me to come to the White House when I should be in the city. He was not a suffragist then, although he had recommended it when he was governor, in his message?

I do not know how much of a suffragist he is now but I do know that the man who leads the Progressive Party in the state, Walter Brown, is very much opposed to suffrage and as a member of the Constitutional Convention, tried in every way to injure us and even at the very last moment almost succeeded in putting us on a separate ballot with the license people.

The strange part of the situation in Ohio at present is that the man heading the Taft Republicans is an outspoken suffragist, whereas Walter Brown and the men directing the machinery of the Progressives is an everlasting anti-suffragist.

Respectfully yours,

(signed) Harriet Taylor Upton