Jane Addams to Esther Loeb Kohn, September 18, 1916


Sept 18" 1916


My dear Mrs Kohn

Please use your own judgment in regard to additional help in the department. I did not know that you had decided to keep Miss Praeger but I judge she must have done very well this summer.

When Miss Le Fevre goes Miss [McManus's] sister or whoever does the P.O. will have to have her room as Mrs Urie's maid has the other one [page 2] in the suite, but there must be two rooms on the 3d floor of the House even after Mrs Karsten moves over. We are keeping Edith Abbott's room for Mrs Kelley for the first part of the winter.

Will you ask Miss Binford, Miss Preston & the others on Miss Millers committee on [evening?] clubs to begin on the matter, perhaps you will act as chairman for the moment until we can arrange the resident committees. [page 3]

We leave here Oct 5, I have committees in Boston for the 6, 7 & 8 and we ought to back by the 10th.

Mrs Bowen gets back earlier, she is responsible for the Waukegan [fees] for Sept, the month seems to have been a great success. Mary Smith sends her love as do I.

Always affectionately yours

Jane Addams