Jane Addams to Emanuel Julius, March 26, 1916


My dear Mr Julius

I am sure you know how happy I am in the happiness which has come to Marcet and yourself and that I am most anxious to see you both.

I want to thank you for your straightforward letter with its list of references. I talked to Mr Sinclair in Coronado and to Mr Wagner in Los Angeles. They were both so satisfactory that I did not pursue the subject further [although] I am making one or two inquiries in New York.

Marcet is the youngest of the group of my nieces and nephews and it hard to realize that she is so [page 2] grown up. I feel a very tender responsibility for her and would like very much to know her fiancé as soon as it can be conveniently arranged. Meanwhile you have my heartiest congratulations and affectionate good wishes.

Always faithfully yours

Jane Addams

March 26" 1916

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